Connect with us...

In person or online... we'd love to meet and connect with you! We always seem to have something going on where we can meet! And if you're looking for a place to serve, we can find a place for you!

I've got some questions...

Do you have a question? Need some information? You might find your question answered on this page. If not, just shoot us an EMAIL and we'll get right back with you!

"Who are you?"

We are a small church with a big love for Jesus on the south side of Xenia, Ohio. We are a group of individuals comprised of young children all the way to those who are young at heart! We have teachers, business professionals, engineers, craftsmen, retirees - civilian and military alike - and some pretty amazing youth! We enjoy spending time with one another at church, in Community Groups, and just hanging out together.

"Why a small church?"

To us, a small church is a strength! We are living out the idea that a small church offers a lot of things a bigger church cannot. We choose to see what we CAN do as a small church and not what we cannot and this allows us to impact our local community and places across the globe despite our smaller size. 

"Will I have opportunities to serve?"

If you are looking for a place to serve then we have a place for you! We believe in giving back to God through serving others. Whether it is through a missions trip, helping another who is in need, serving as a mentor at a local school, or any number of other ways, we have multiple opportunities to plug in.

"Missions are important to me; are they important to you?"

We are a very missions minded congregation. Despite our smaller size, we have a global impact. We have partnered with and are actively involved in missions beginning here in our local community and stretching across the globe.

"Is this a place where I can grow in Jesus?"

Discipleship is a priority in our fellowship. Our vision is "to make disciples who find and experience life in Jesus together!" We have Sunday School classes, Sunday evening studies, Community Groups that meet in various homes, occasional short term Bible studies, and we have a discipleship group that meets for a year-long journey together. Discipleship is more than just growing in Bible knowledge; it is an intentional effort on our part to be like Jesus. It is a way of life!

"What about your worship music?"

Worship is a big part of who we are. Despite our smaller size, worship music is a priority. Our services are a blend of mostly contemporary music with hymns and older worship songs thrown in as well. We regularly host worship nights and one Sunday a month we hold our worship service in our fellowship hall and sing from the hymnal. Immediately following the service, we enjoy a fantastic carry-in dinner together.