WE BELIEVE... the Bible holds the words of the living God and His words are infallible.

WE BELIEVE... in the Trinity. God is eternal and the creator of all things, and He manifests Himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

WE BELIEVE... the Church is not a human organization, but a spiritual organism made up of those who accept Christ as Savior. Salvation alone makes you a member of God’s Church.

WE BELIEVE... that sin (the willful disobedience of man) separates us from the creator God.

WE BELIEVE... Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave to offer all a bridge back to God.

WE BELIEVE... salvation consists of true repentance of sin and God’s forgiveness of sins creates a new person (born again).

WE BELIEVE... it is God’s desire that we continue in faith and receive eternal life, and we need not live in uncertainty as to our relationship to God.

WE BELIEVE... that God created man with a freed will, and being born again or becoming a new creature does not remove the ability to choose, including choosing to return again to sin and depravity.

WE BELIEVE... salvation brings equality, making people brothers and sisters regardless of color, natural gender, nationality, or financial status, including allowing men and women to serve as pastors and leaders.

WE BELIEVE... God is a God of grace and loving kindness. We believe He delays His coming so everyone might have opportunity to be saved.

WE BELIEVE... sanctification (being filled with the Holy Spirit) is a second work of divine grace with the purpose of empowering the Christian to live a holy, righteous, godly life, and the evidence of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the heart of the believer is seen in the fruit of the spirit.

WE BELIEVE... Christ commanded us to remember His death and sacrifice on the cross by observing the Lord’s Supper.

WE BELIEVE... baptism follows salvation and we practice baptism by immersion as a symbol of dying to one’s old self, being buried with Christ, and rising to new life.

WE BELIEVE... Christ commanded us to wash each other’s feet as a demonstration of servanthood.

WE BELIEVE... Jesus has promised a place of eternal reward called heaven where all born-again men, women, and children will spend eternity with Him and the Father.

WE BELIEVE... there is a place of punishment and torment called hell where all who have not repented and accepted God’s forgiveness will spend eternity.

WE BELIEVE... the family is a core unit in the world.  God instituted marriage between Adam, the first man, and Eve, the first woman, at the beginning of creation, who, with their ability to procreate, began the first family.

WE BELIEVE... that sexual relationships are designed to be confined to the sacred institution of marriage between one naturally biological man and one naturally biological woman. Because marriage is a sacred symbol of the union of Christ and His bride (the Church), it is our faith and practice to celebrate marriage as a holy act of worship.

WE BELIEVE... children are a gift from God, and we have a divine injunction to care for them and to raise them to know the plan of God for their lives.

WE BELIEVE... in the sanctity of life, affirming it is not man’s prerogative to take life either pre-birth or as assisted suicide to hasten death. Human life is a gift from God.

WE BELIEVE... it is our calling as Christians to be supportive of organizations which help people deal with the difficulties that result from choosing life.

WE BELIEVE... in Christian stewardship. We see ourselves as stewards, or managers, of the gifts God has given us and, as recipients of His grace, we are motivated by the Spirit and example of our Lord, who freely gave Himself for us all, to give back to Him out of the abundance He has given to us.

We are affiliated with the Church of God (Anderson). For additional information about our beliefs, visit https://www.jesusisthesubject.org/our-beliefs/